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????????Sustainability at Eastman?

Eastman is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in a material way — making a positive impact on the world by offering our stakeholders a dedicated approach to sustainable innovation. We’re driven to help address the changing needs of the world and its growing population. In short, sustainability is at the heart of our company purpose and strategy.?


To drive sustainability as a company, however, you must first define what it means. We ultimately define sustainability as creating more value than the resources we use. With that definition as the foundation, ongoing stakeholder and value chain engagement, and a transformational corporate vision to become “The Materials Innovation Company,” we’ve developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy with commitments to create value in three areas: steering a sustainable portfolio, driving resource productivity, and focused good for good. While we have corporate goals, commitments and strategies in place in each of these areas, we find that we create the greatest value — the greatest collective impact — in the intersections and collaboration spaces where these focus areas overlap. We firmly believe to truly enhance the quality of life, you can’t have one without the others.

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