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Our Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity at Eastman

At Eastman, we condemn hatred and discrimination in any form, wherever it exists. It isn’t condoned, nor is it consistent with the values that have sustained us as a company for 100 years.

As a premier company, we strive to bring together a strong, diverse set of team members who can bring their true selves to work without fear of bias or discrimination so they can contribute to their fullest potential. We define diversity broadly, inclusive of age, background, education, gender, gender identity, geographic location, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, working and thinking styles, and more.

We are on a journey, but we are committed to making a positive change in our company and in our communities.

Read CEO Mark Costa’s message to Eastman employees regarding the recent acts of racism in the U.S., and his call to action to address societal injustice and inequality.

At Eastman, we’re creating the results of insight through innovations that touch lives around the globe. We’re fiercely committed to creating more and better insights to unleash results that make a real difference to all of our stakeholders. Through our commitment to inclusion and diversity, we will deliver on our commitment to innovate. This commitment is embedded in our core values. It’s who we are and what we do.




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